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"A meaningful well planned trip can stay with a child forever"

Tom Bennett

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Need help organising your next trip? You are in the right in place! facilit8 is an easy to use trip organisation platform for schools, clubs and universities. We bring all information needed for trips together into one place. As a trip leader, you will find it easier to organise your next trip with facilit8!

"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important" Bill Gates

We believe in the power of a Global community of trip practitioners, helping each other to make the right trip choices.

You'll be able to find reviews of trip providers, as well as offers tailored to groups of children.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Helen Keller

Together we can ensure that each trip leader has access to the best information. When it is time to book, we can help you find the lowest prices for things to do, and places to stay.

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Our story:

Facilit8 means «making things easier». The idea comes from one of the co-founders, whose two teacher friends complained about hassle of organizing a school trip.
They mentioned not enough support, constant need for chasing parents, filling in excessive risk assessment forms as well as usage of awkward, complex systems as key challenges in the process. Does it sound familiar? facilit8 platform addresses most of the challenges identified. It solves travel booking problems and automates the administration process from planning to storage of information all in one place.

We make life easier

We facilitate great experiences for everyone, because we only work with people who are passionate about helping us make an impact. We make decisions based on how to improve experiences for our community, and the World. We look at the long term goal, and see short term compromise as an exception, not a rule. Making life easier requires looking beyond our own short term personal benefit.

We can do it

We look at each challenge positively, and even if we decide not to do it, this is not because we "can't". We believe that there is always a way, even if it involves a partner or other organisation. Small steps are more likely to move us towards achievement that deferring action.

We respect.

We look externally at those we admire, and honour by understanding how to make ourselves better, both in function and in form. We believe that happiness is based on mutual respect. We believe happy people attract happy people, and lead to first rate results.

Where there is an opportunity to build respect for others, we take it. Particularly where we find children, or those who support children, that live our values too.

Our mission

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We make the organisation of a trip so easy, anyone can do it. Whether it be a scout group, ski trip, football team or karate club going to a competition, we can help you. We can even show you trips that other clubs have done which will help you plan your own!


Looking for ideas on best trips suitable for groups of children? We are currently creating the World's largest database using feedback from parents.

Our aim is to make it easier for you to find trips tailored to your needs at lowest cost.

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If you have a challenge or question for the facilit8 team, please us know. We’ll gladly help!

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